NBA Finals 2018 Game 2

There wasn’t a ton of hype going into these NBA Finals as it was what we expected at the beginning of the season. Warriors Cavs part four. Many have grown tired of this matchup wanting something new and refreshing.

Well, if game one was any indication, this NBA Finals still has the same level of drama and tension between the two teams. There may be a larger disparity in level of talent, but the tension is still there.

Game 2 Details
WHAT: Warriors vs. Cavaliers, Game 2

WHEN: Sunday, June 3, 5:00 p.m. PST

WHERE: Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA


LISTEN: 95.7 the Game, ESPN Radio

Enemy Blog: Fear the Sword

Injury update:
Headed into game two, Andre Iguodala is listed as doubtful and is expected to miss his sixth straight game in the playoffs. It’s hard to say whether Iguodala will even return at this point in the postseason.

During game one, Klay Thompson suffered a leg contusion when J.R. Smith thought the game was over slipped and slide tackled Thompson, nearly snapping Klay’s ankle. Thankfully Thompson came back from the locker room fairly quickly and had a big impact in the second half.

What can we expect in game two?
LeBron James had a historic performance, to expect that two straight games may be a bit much. Game one was their’s to steal and they let it fall through the cracks. The Warriors will come out firing in game two and this might just get ugly. Kevin Durant left a lot to be desired in game one as he continued to resort to isolations late in the game. The Warriors play much better when Curry has control of the offense.

I think we see a more efficient game from Durant especially if Klay Thompson is out the lineup. The Warriors will need Curry and Durant to balance the offense with the Warriors already functioning with a short rotation.

I expect a blowout, but it’s probably because the refs rigged this one too right?

Prediction: Warriors 124 – Cavaliers 96

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